Laval bus, train fares rise

By Robert Frank

The city might intend to let its senior citizens ride public transit for free, but the rest of us will be paying more in 2014.

Société des transports de Laval (STL) has published its fares for the new year on its web site

The price of a monthly bus pass will rise to $86.50, 8.8 per cent higher than the price that Montrealers pay for their monthly passes to use the metropolis’ bus and metro service.

The discounted rate for students aged 18-25 is $69 and children aged 6-17 will pay $52 a month. Children under 12 can travel free, though, during the summer as well as on weekends and holidays, provided that they are accompanied by a fare-paying adult.

A single STL ticket now costs $3.25, also ahead of Montreal, which held its individual fare prices steady at $3.

Eight-ticket packages are now priced at $20.75 or $14.75 for those eligible for the reduced fare.

STL was quick to point out that it does not set the prices that commuters pay to use Agence métropolitain de transport trains. A monthly train pass will now cost Laval residents $125 per month. Reduced fare riders will get a $25 break and pay $100, while the children’s fare is now pegged at $75.

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