Cabbie faces fondling charges


By Robert Frank

Laval police arrested 58-year-old Chomedey taxi driver Djillali Ait-Aoudia for allegedly molesting three intellectually handicapped women, aged 20-37, who were his passengers.

A judge released the Algerian native on bail the following day. Among the conditions that the judge imposed, pending a July 24 criminal court hearing, Ait-Aoudia may not drive the handicapped taxi that he piloted for CO-OP Laval, nor may he serve elsewhere as a taxi driver until further notice.

“The crimes took place in the taxi, while it was in Laval en route to its destination,” Const. Franco Di Genova told The Suburban. “He had no criminal record and was not known to police.”

Police circulated Ait-Aoudia’s mug shot and have asked anyone who might have knowledge of this case to come forward by calling their tip line [450] 662-INFO (4636) and mentioning file number LVL 150225 064.

They will also appreciate if others who might have been victimized by Ait-Aoudia would come forward.

“If there is another victim of this person, even if it did not occur on Laval territory, please come forward,” Di Genova urged.

Djillali Ait-Aoudia 2 Djillali Ait-Aoudia

Djillali Ait-Aoudia

Coke ring busted

More than 80 police officers participated in a coordinated string of drug busts in Laval and Blainville to break up an alleged cocaine trafficking ring.

“They executed seven search warrants and 11 arrest warrants for drug suppliers and traffickers at two bars—Chez Yvon in Fabreville and Le Repaire in Ste. Rose—and at residences in Laval West, Ste. Rose and Blainville, as well as two cars,” Const. Jolyane Ledoux told The Suburban.

Investigators have laid illegal drug and weapons charges against nine suspects: Luc Doré, 59; Yannick Duguay-Lalande, 27; Gregory Robert, 31; David Matthieu, 29; Alexandre Côté, 39; Jake Furlong, 26; Sylvain Fontaine, 44; Benoît Hotte, 40; and Blainville resident Sebastien Lauzon-Quesnel, 33. Two more suspects, a man and a woman, remain at large.“They seized about $14,000 worth of cocaine and some 2,000 pills that are currently being analyzed,” Const. Ledoux said in an interview, “as well as $20,000 in cash, two rifles and telescopic truncheons.As this week’s edition of The Suburban went to press, Fontaine and Hotte had been released on bail while the remainder of the arrestees awaited a subsequent bail hearing.

Free Gregory Robert - Le Repaire SIN CITY busted barman

Ste. Rose’s Le Repaire Sin City published lighthearted look last week at its busted barman Gregory Robert.

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