Police investigate alleged fatwa against Conservative candidate

By Robert Frank

An alleged threat against a Conservative candidate has left campaign workers fearful in the final days of the federal election campaign.

Cristelle Sary, legal council for Roland Dick, told The Suburban that the candidate began to receive phone calls a week ago from parishioners of the Masjid al Jasr mosque on Cartier boulevard, warning him that a fatwa had been declared against him.

More: http://www.thesuburban.com/news/laval_news/police-investigate-fatwa-against-conservative-candidate/article_aef062da-7e72-556b-8f0a-a2d5fd6019bd.html

151017 Anthony Mavros - Roland Dick

Conservative candidates Anthony Mavros (Vimy) and Roland Dick (Laval les Îles) address a crowd of more than 1,000 before Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s arrival at Laval Senior Academy, Oct. 17. (Photo © Robert Frank)

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