Armand Frappier Museum offers children an initiation to science

By Rhonda Massad

The Armand Frappier Museum still has space in all of their four science camps in the coming weeks except for the week of August 17. The camp that has been in existence for more than 20 years, offering children from 6-13 years old the opportunity to have fun while discovering the universe of bioscience.

Campers between the ages of six and eight years old are invited to a themed adventure called initiation to the biosciences, while those between the ages of eight and ten can experience initiation to microbiology or a week initiating them to the environment and biodiversity. Campers between the ages of 11-13 are initiated to biotechnology.

“A good portion of the camp experience takes place in a laboratory where we have taken scientific experiments that students see in high school and CEJEP and make them attractive to younger children,” Armand Frappier Museum’s Caroline Labelle Customer Service agent told The Suburban in an interview.

The camp offers outdoor activities to keep the children entertained between laboratory periods. Rest and lunch periods are held outdoors, weather permitting. During heat waves, in order to cool down, campers play water games.

According to Labelle the camper/counsellor ratio is 16:2 and the maximum capacity for the entire camp each week is close to 50 campers.  One week of camp costs $205 per child.


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