Fairview Terminus gets upgrade

By Kevin Woodhouse

Work began on Monday to upgrade the Fairview Terminus in order for the drop off point to handle the new accordion style buses that are larger than the current express ones being used.

“The bus routes were changed in January to accommodate the new articulated buses but now that winter is over, the work is being completed,” said STM spokesperson Amélie Régis.

The work was necessitated because of the popularity of the 470 Pierrefonds Express line and the larger buses needed for regular users.

The two quays in the terminal will be altered to make one larger one, Régis noted. The work is expected to take between five and eight weeks to complete at a cost of $80,000.

For commuters, the bus lines will run on their regular schedules but some of the stops are being temporarily displaced during the construction phase. Some of the affected stops will be placed along Brunswick, adjacent to Fairview.

“Mitigation measures will be implemented to ensure customersare safely redirected to the new bus stop locations,” explained the STM via a press release.

“Ground markings and directional signs will be added to indicate pedestrian paths, while concrete borders will be installed to delimit them. Furthermore, STM inspectors along with Cadillac Fairview security officers will be on hand to ensure that transit users can circulate safely, both inside the terminus and outside. STM staff will also be present during the first two weeks of work to direct passengers and answer any questions.”

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