Verdun strategic plan now in force

By Tracey Arial

A new bridge to Nun’s Island, a beach and the auditorium renovation are highlighted in Verdun new ten-year strategic plan launched last month.

Everything that has an impact on the quality of life for residents is considered,” said Mayor Jean-François Parenteau. “We’ve got a vision for economic development, community and sustainability values, urban planning, security, transportation and much, much more.”

The room was packed for the announcement. Community group representatives, business-owners and even former borough politicians showed up to find out what the borough has planned for the future.

“What will you do for your community?” asked strategic planning spokesperson and radio personality Isabelle Maréchal, to kick off the resident questions after the presentation. “We need everyone to get involved.”

Citizens then pledged to create projects to celebrate the borough, feed and house people and protect the environment. Many said they plan to collaborate to accomplish success and others expressed support for the mayor’s development plan.

The plan includes lots of development: indoor pools, the auditorium renovation, a beach, transit-oriented development, social housing, new facilities at the Douglas and Verdun hospitals and the mayor’s favourite plan, a bridge to Nun’s Island.

It also includes many events, including those that promote the arts, fresh food and health.

Good quality local service from borough employees is also high-lighted in the plan, something that’s been tough ever since some borough employees were dismissed and transferred last year. Rumours and questions remain.

There are 138 specific actions in the plan, although not many details about how they can be carried out. Implementation will be the next challenge.

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