West Island activist wants more bilingual signs in Fairview

Murray Levine’s blog spikes interest over issue

By Kevin Woodhouse

Local activist Murray Levine has taken issue with the fact that there are still many retailers at Fairview who do not have bilingual signs posted in their stores when many shoppers are non-francophone.

According to Levine, about 20 per cent of the West Island population is francophone, and that it would be in the best interest of the mall to respect all of Fairview’s customers.

Levine and his supporters held a protest outside the mall prior to Christmas and he has noted that since then some retailers have complied with adding bilingual signs.

Levine has had a blog for some time and his latest weekend entry sparked a large increase, garnering more than 4,000 visits in one day, 12,000 over the course of the last five days. Levine added to his blog that certain stores had placed Ici on commerce en Francais decals in their storefronts, causing the spike in interest. 

The West Island activist has had success with other local retailers, besides Fairview, in posting bilingual signs.

Levine is hoping the mall will request that all stores bear bilingual signs, ending his blog boycotting Fairview. It can be viewed at fairview-boycott.wordpress.com

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