Mayor denounces Radio-Canada for airing gratuitous accusation

By Robert Frank

Gilles Vaillancourt has attacked the
credibility of a news report that has
assailed his integrity.

In a statement, Oct. 11, he said that
journalist Christian Latreille broadcast
“completely false claims by former businessman Lino Zambito that have no purpose other than to [tarnish the reputation of] the mayor of Laval.”

No corroboration

Vaillancourt condemned “the way
Radio-Canada has proceeded, by broadcasting—without any corroboration—the
assertions of someone who has himself
acknowledged having lied, extorted, conspired and betrayed society.”

The Laval mayor countered that “at no
time was I involved in the awarding or
the completion of a contract and consequently have never received money from
a contractor.”

He called upon Radio-Canada to issue
a retraction without delay.

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