Laval police crack down on alleged drug traffickers

By Robert Frank

Two plainclothes detectives who
work with the joint Laval-North Shore
combined police squad arrested a man
and a woman in a car outside a club at
117 des Laurentides, Sept. 27.

“They spotted a drug transaction
between a man, 24 and a woman, 21,
so they approached the vehicle and
arrested the suspects,” Const. Franco
di Genova told The Suburban.

“They searched the car and found $1,050 in
cash, two cell phones, an electronic
scale and 185 g of marijuana buds with
a street value of $1,850, as well as
3,100 pills of speed (amphetamines)
with an estimated value of $63,000.
Both suspects were charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking”

He added that two days later, a Laval
police officer who pulled a car over for
a highway code violation noticed marijuana residue on the vehicle’s console
and arrested both occupants. One was discovered to have $6,600 in cash and
6.3 g of crack cocaine and faces
charges of possession for the purpose
of trafficking; police found that the
other was found in breach of judicial

Finally, Laval’s drug and morality
squad conducted a drug bust at 1098
des Laurentides, the evening Oct. 2,
after local residents complained about
strange things going on in the parking
lot of Bar Le Bistro.

“They executed three search warrants,” Const. di Genova explained,
“one at the club itself, and the others
at homes in Blainville and Laval.”

“They found $2,500 in cash, 141
ecstasy (methamphetamine) pills and
796 speed (amphetamine) pills as well
as 1.1 g of marijuana, 6.7 g of hashish
and 17.2 g of cocaine.”

“Two women, 37 and 28, were arrested and were slated to appear in court
to face charges of possession for the
purpose of trafficking,” said Const. di

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