Laval’s Tree Day takes root throughout Quebec

By Robert Frank

Seven other Quebec cities are following Laval’s lead this year, as the Laval
health and social services centre
(CSSS) held its fifth annual Tree Day,
Sept. 26.

Staff placed trees in the ground at the
Cité de la santé hospital as well as the
Idola St. Jean and Rose de Lima residences.

The event is the brainchild of heart
surgeon Dr. François Reeves, who came
up with the idea in order to advocate
his belief that a clean environment is
essential to good health.

This year, children from the La
daycare behind Cité de la
 took part in planting a

“We’re setting an example for these
tiny Laval residents,” said CSSS spokeswoman Josée Provost, “so they can
grow up in a cleaner environment and
develop an environment consciousness
that will last throughout their lives.”

Participants attended a corn boil at
each of the planting sites, shucking
ears harvested from a local farm near
the Laval hospital. Remotely employed
staff was encouraged to car share, to minimize the impact of the event on
the environment.

The cost of the trees is sponsored by the city of Laval, the Institut national de santé publique and the Médecins francophones du Canada.

“It’s one of a number of activities that CSSS Laval organizes as part of its Green Plan,” explained Provost.

Dozens of children at La Cachette daycare learned about the importance of a healthy environment during Laval’s fifth annual Tree Day, Sept.
26. (Adults, left to right, standing) France Brazeau, Jocelyne Blanc, Jean-François Pauzé, Jérome Dupras, Dr. François Reeves, Gabrielle Spénard-
Bernier, Malika Hafadi, (seated) Zineb Bouddou, Chantal Gadoury, Gisèle Faucher, Marlène Thelisima and Sylvie Gadoury. 
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