All Laval fire halls to open doors to the public, Oct. 14

By Robert Frank

Laval firefighters are using Fire
Prevention Week this year to urge residents to respond quickly and calmly
whenever they hear a fire alarm sound.

According to spokeswoman Justine
Leroux, “it’s important to head to the
nearest exit.”

“Even if the alarm has sounded for no
reason, it’s worth sparing a few minutes
to exit,” she reasoned, “rather than taking the risk of being trapped inside in the
midst of the flames.”

Laval’s fire department is also asking
citizens to make an evacuation plan for
their own residence, and then discuss it
with family members, so that everyone
can respond quickly, should the need
arise. More information about how to do so is available in the fire-prevention section of the city’s web site:

Leroux told The Suburban in an interview that every fire hall in Laval will be
open the public on Sunday, Oct. 14, from
10 a.m.-4 p.m.

“They will each hold an open house
where families can visit and meet a fire
safety inspector who will talk to them
about safety measures such as carbon
monoxide detectors and smoke detectors,
for example,” she said.

Leroux added that Laval’s 15 fire safety
inspectors visit some 15,000 residences
each year between May-October, as well
as day care facilities and eldercare centres.

“We conducted 156 evacuation exercises in daycares last year,” she noted. “It’s a

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