Police officially recognize Cloverdale neighbourhood watch

Pleased by success at discouraging criminals

By Robert Frank

The neighbourhood watch program operated for the past year by Cloverdale Village residents in Pierrefonds-Roxboro received official recognition from Montreal Police, May 15, during a ceremony at Station 3.

Commander Michel Wilson presented certificates to some 50 Clovedale Surveillance Program participants.

The project started in 2009, when a few volunteers got together informally to watch over their apartment buildings and parks. They caught the attention of police officers, and developed an informal partnership, which has now been officially recognized.

“A program such as this permits participating members to get acquainted with their neighbours and take responsibility for their mutual safety,” said Cloverdale

housing co-op head Hélène Ciabu Kalonga. “Our partners have transformed our village for the better. By getting involved, our members have begun to feel more secure.”

Commander Wilson said that the initiative has already delivered tangible results after just one year of operation.

“Reporting criminal activity helps to eliminate the criminal element which, in turn, improves Cloverdale’s quality of life.”    

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