Quebecers honoured for community service

Quebecers honoured for community service

Awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal by Senator Larry Smith

By Robert Frank

Sen. Larry Smith bestowed commemorative medals on 31 Quebecers during an official ceremony in Pointe Claire, May 23.

They are among the Canadians whose devotion to the needs of others will earn them a new commemorative medal marking the 60th anniversary this year of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession.

The recipient list reflected broad, non-partisan acknowledgement of the contribution of individuals who have given of themselves to improve the lives of others.

“They are the true heroes of our community,” Sen. Smith told a crowd of some 200 family, friends and well-wishers. He added that he hoped that recognizing their selflessness in this way would “inspire others to get involved and make a difference.”

Among the honoured were Club des petits dejeuners founder Daniel Germain; palliative care pioneers Sylvie Crevier & Teresa Dellar; Earl de la Perralle & Sid Stevens of Sun Youth; Robert Routledge for service to fellow veterans; women’s shelter and severely disabled supporter Ginger Petty; Hudson health care advocates Judy Tellier, Dr. Leonard Welik, Dr. Rob Hryniowski & Frank Royle; former Alouettes Peter Dalla Riva and Peter Howlett for their support to various charities including the soon-to-be-transferred St. Anne de Bellevue veteran’s hospital; as well as Claude Chagnon whose foundation helps Avenir d’enfant, Reunir Reussir, Quebec en Forme and the Fondation des enfants de Vaudreuil-Soulanges.
Photo courtesy May’s Studio

Sen. Larry Smith (front row, right) hopes that awarding a medal to selfless community leaders will “inspire others to get involved.” Left to right (front row) Sylvie Crevier, Halina Swinburne, Michel Gibson, Marilyn Frankel, Ted Greenfield, Bethany Mount (for Dr. Balfour Mount), Chief Warrant Officer (Ret’d) Donald Green, Earl De La Perralle. Sen. Larry Smith; (2nd row) Dr. Len  Welik, Judy Tellier, Nick di Tomasa, Eric Bissell, Lt. Col. Steven Dubreuil, Maj. John Hlibchuk, Sid Stevens (3rd row) Frank Royle, Dr. Ron Hryniowski, Michel Bissonnet, Ginger Petty, Teresa Dellar, Grand Chief Michael Delisle Jr., James Hewitt; (rear row) Michael DiGrappa, Daniel Germain, James Hindley, Stephen Gregory, Peter Howlett, Guy Saint-Pierre, Peter Dalla Riva, Claude Chagnon, Robert Routledge.
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