Friends of the Pointe Claire Library fund space for teens

By Robert Frank
“Pointe Claire is in the process of creating a library space for teens,” president Timothy Fain told members of Friends of the Pointe Claire Library at their annual general meeting, April 28.
The Quebec-incorporated charity will give some $25,000 that it has raised to the library, to cover the cost of constructing seating and purchasing computers for teens to use.
“Because of your contribution, be it volunteering at the annual book sale, generous donations or even the simple act of attending meetings, teenage patrons will now have a space conducive to their needs,” said Fain.
He added that The Friends will hold their wildly popular book sale fundraiser from May 19-20 this year at the Arthur Séguin chalet at 365 St. Louis in Pointe Claire, and reminded members that they are eligible to participate in the advance sale May 18. He said that The
Friends are still looking for volunteers to help them set up book sale tables during the afternoon of May 17.
Fain reported that The Friends web site is now available at and that people can also pay for or renew their membership at the library front counter.
The Friends have also allocated funds to purchase an LCD flatscreen television that will display announcements in the library entrance.
However The Suburban has learned that municipal red tape might delay this modernization by more than a year, because of competing priorities faced by city electrical and information technology staff.
Fain concluded by highlighting the four book clubs that The Friends support and its annual donation of children’s books to Action chrétienne to put in their annual Christmas baskets for needy West Island families.
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