Trudeau visits Nature Centre

By Robert Frank

Justin Trudeau visited Alfred Pellan riding recently to meet Liberal hopeful Angelo Iacono.

Trudeau, together with his wife and children, joined Iacono for a tour of the Nature Centre in St. Vincent de Paul to take in this year’s family fest and to pose for photos with passersby.

“Laval residents’ warm welcome is something that always touches me,” Trudeau said in a French-only statement.

“The Liberal Party of Canada offers more money to families that need it by stopping sending cheques to millionaire families like [Conservative Prime Minister Stephen] Harper does and like [Official Opposition leader Thomas] Mulcair would like to continue to do,” said the leader of the third-place Liberal party.

Trudeau hopes to claw back francophone middle-class support from Mulcair’s New Democratic Party members of parliament, including the entire Laval caucus, who were swept to Parliament on the coattails of Mulcair’s predecessor Jack Layton’s popularity in Quebec during the 2011 federal election.

The NDP and Liberals have reversed roles in this year’s election campaign. Trudeau has leapt to the left, advocating

lavish government expenditure to bolster the economy, whilst Mulcair has advocated more restraint.

“We think that we have to give more to people who need it and give less to people who don’t need it,” Trudeau reiterated.

150908 Justin Trudeau - Angelo Iacono - Nature Centre - Laval

High hopes: Liberal leader and son greet man on stilts.

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