Plans for Laval’s new city hall fountain spark controversy

By Abby E. Schachter

Laval Mayor, Marc Demers is proudly standing by his latest project; a brand new fountain in front of city hall.

The fountain is supposed to commemorate Laval and its citizens. The main goal is to create a public green space, one that invites residents to relax and enjoy the view. It comes at a time of festivity too. Laval is holding its semi-centennial in August and the new fountain is supposed to be a thank-you gift to Laval residents.

However, politician and Demers opponent Emillio Migliozzi says that the fountain is causing more harm than good. He told The Suburban that the fountain a waste of public funds and an insult to the community.

Migliozzi once supported Demers as mayor, but backed out due to disagreements over Demers financial issues in regards to ‘alleged’ overspending.

The outspoken Migliozzi is not the only public figure opposed to city hall’s latest showpiece. Laval residents have been posting their disapproval on social media and sharing published racy political sketches chastising Demers and his fountain.

Migliozzi claims to understand Demers’ decision to create a public place but says that there were different offers on the table.

“We could have made a sports complex or arena. It would have been paid with private money not public money. Instead, they chose to make a public space out of a private space…”

According to Mayor Demers’ spokesperson François Brochu, the fountain itself is not going to cost $2 million; in case the public was confused on the matter. All the workers and equipment and time add up and that is why the plan is a bit costly.

Migliozzi told The Suburban that the project is wrong not only becaues it will costing $2 million in public funds but because “there are so many other projects that need attention.

“They raise taxes and then spend it on a fountain,” he said. “What are they thinking?”


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