Surplus cars sold to school boards

Shop class fodder

By Robert Frank

Echoing Allan J. Ryan’s 1970s song I’m going back to university when I die, about donating one’s body for medical research, 33 derelict vehicles from the municipal car pool will soon be going to high school for dissection.

The vehicles will be sold to the Laval’s two school boards, Laval executive committee vice-chairman David de Cotis told The Suburban, to permit teen students to polish their mechanical skills in high school shop classes.

Although technically a sale, the city has set the price of the cars so low that they are, effectively, a donation.

“We’re selling off the old cars to the school boards for the ridiculous amount of $175,” de Cotis explained in an interview. “The aim is pedagogical. Our purpose is to give school boards the ability to provide their students with hands-on experience working as mechanics on cars.”

“It’s a way of giving back to our citizens,” he said.

The oldest of the 33 vehicles is two decades old, a 1995 model Volkswagen Golf. The most recent are a pair of 2008 Ford Crown Victoria sedans. Most of them are small Japanese cars, as well as a few minivans.
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