John Rennie High School open house

Student body of 1,300 welcomes hundreds

By Jim Morrison

The hallways of John Rennie High School, Pointe Claire was humming with activity as it welcomed hundreds of potential students to their open house, Thursday, October 2. 

Students and faculty were on hand throughout the school in offering guided tours to the various programs offered at the educational facility at the busy St. John Boulevard location. 

John Rennie High School opened in 1955, and was named in memory of the Hon. John Rennie, member of the Legislative Assembly. Mr. Rennie was instrumental in persuading the government of Premier Duplessis to provide the funds to build a badly needed school in Pointe Claire. Families of the era were forced to send their youngsters as far away as Montreal West in order to pursue secondary studies.

John Rennie High School reflects the Canadian nation, a cultural mosaic. The goal of this learning institution is to encourage the children to be the best students and the best citizens that they can be. 

More information on John Rennie High School is available at:
501 St. John Boulevard
Pointe Claire

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