Photo radar possible on highway 40 zone

By Kevin Woodhouse

Regular commuters and motorists using Highway 40 between St. Charles in Kirkland until Vaudreuil-Dorion have noticed that the construction area has added signage indicating the possibility of photo radar.

The Suburban spoke to the Ministry of Transport to find out if drivers should expect to have photo radar installations along the eastern portion of the highway. The current infrastructure project is slated to last until November as parts of St. Charles is being enlarged. The work is slated to resume next spring.

MTQ spokesperson Noémie Vanheuverzwijn said that under provincial law, a photo radar can be set up along a construction site by the SQ in order to keep workers and drivers safe.

“A photo radar can be installed if a site’s configuration could pose an elevated risk or if the SQ has less access,” Vanheuverzwijn said. Vanheuverzwijn noted that if the SQ feel that the construction area needs a photo radar in order to limit the risk management, a portable set up is arranged although as of yet, there are no plans for photo radar installations.

The photo radar signage will remain throughout the course of the project. The MTQ spokesperson also added that speeding infraction fines are doubled when a motorist is caught in a work zone.
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