July 3 consultation about new business on Cyrille Delage

By Tracey Arial

On Thursday, July 3 at 7 p.m. the City of Laval will hold a public consultation about rezoning several of the lots next to the unpaved portion of Cyrille-Delage. It will take place in the council room at City Hall, 1 Place du Souvenir.

Zoning bylaw L2001 3624 was adopted by city councillors at their meeting on June 2. It amends the entire zone RX-8 so that it becomes a commercial zone, CA-542.

The zone is being changed so that a two-storey commercial building can be constructed in what’s currently a residential area. The new building will cover 1,040 square metres across from de Provence on des Laurentides.

The amended zone covers everything northeast of the unpaved south of Thibault and west of Boulevard des Laurentides and south, although not all the way to des Lacasse.

Anyone who wants more information about the new bylaw may consult it in person in the clerk’s office at City Hall between 8:15 in the morning until noon or between one and five-thirty any afternoon between Monday and Friday.

This zoning change can be challenged by citizens through the referendum register process.

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