Agglomeration council awards more than $400,000 to Montreal based charities

By Rhonda Massad

The Agglo council, which consists of the city of Montreal and the demerged cities, awarded $408,000 to Montreal-based charities.

The charities include, Moisson Montreal, which received $178,000, Sun Youth for $90,000, Magasins Partage received $75,000 and Maison Hochelaga-Maisonneuve received $65,000.

Moisson Montreal is the only charity on the list that offers service to the West Island community and is one of the largest food banks on the island of Montreal.

Magasins Partage serves families in need of food at 19 locations at ten per cent of the actual cost two times a year, September and Christmas.

Sun Youth offers a variety of services to low income families from their head office on St. Urbain in Montreal. Should a family need assistance they must present themselves in person.

Maison Hochelga-Maisonneuve offers day care for families under duress at their location on Dézery Street in Montreal East.

The grants were made available under the Montreal program to battle poverty which will be distributed by the ministry for employment and social services (MESS). To qualify for grant money the organization must meet certain criteria such as working directly with the public as well as build an environment of social integration.

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