City of Laval hires 13 more police officers

By Tracey Arial

Laval’s executive committee approved a budget of $700,696 to approve 13 police officers at its May 7 meeting.

“We’re a bit late on that because there wasn’t any hiring last year,” said Laval spokesperson Sgt. Nathalie Lorrain. “Every year we hire two contingents of between 10 and 15 new police officers, which is only to replace retirements and police officers who have left. This is not an addition of new police officers.”

Lorrain says that the first contingent for this year began working a week or two ago, so this latest budget will hire a second group for this year.

“Usually when they start with us, they go to into what we call the PDQ, which is neighbourhood policing,” she said. “They stay inside the station for an eight-month probation period, but they can stay longer if we don’t hire in that period. They answer comments from the public, take appointments and learn. We have to train them. It takes some time.”

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