RCMP arrest elderly Chomedey couple

By Tracey Arial


Earlier this month, the RCMP distributed a press release about the arrest of 60-year-old Georgeta Samson and 69-year-old Felix Diaconescu.

“Two individuals suspected of facilitating the illegal immigration of Romanian nationals with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) were arrested…. The investigation was conducted by the members of the RCMP Immigration and Passport Section as part of Project Combative.”

When contacted at their home, Mrs. Samson said “at the moment, I can’t speak.”

Included with the RCMP information were links to two earlier arrests under Project Combative, which is designed to stop the smuggling and trafficking of Romanians to Canada. Previous arrests were people who allegedly imported young people to work at erotic massage parlours.

Citizen and Immigration Canada numbers show the number of Romanians immigrating to Canada dropping annually every year since 2004, when it was 5,658. In 2012, 1,476 Romanians moved to Canada.

The RCMP press release indicates that officers found the names of 700 Romanians who they believe were assisted by the couple in a search of their Chomedey residence. All these people will now face questions.

According to the RCMP:

“The investigation revealed that Samson and Diaconescu allegedly produced counterfeit documents, including birth certificates, for the purpose of facilitating the immigration of Romanian nationals. As an official translator, Georgeta Samson represented many Romanians before Canadian government immigration and justice agencies. Félix Diaconescu, a commissioner for oaths, is believed to have used his position to validate the counterfeit documents.”

The couple will eventually defend themselves in a Laval court. A date hasn’t yet been set.

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