On Rock pitches 25 x 500 challenge

Fundraiser hopes to provide operating costs for 2014

By Kevin Woodhouse

Kim Reid of On Rock, a non-profit agency that helps underprivileged families deal with food insecurity, hopes that their latest fundraiser, the 25 x 500 challenge, will work so that next year’s operating costs are covered so that On Rock can work on feeding families.

Reid is looking for 500 West Island citizens to donate $25 every month for the next year. “It works out to about the cost of a cup of coffee a day,” said Reid. “Last year was a challenge for us financially and we need some more donations so that we can keep everything running smoothly.”

In the past, Reid had supporters who started off by giving $100 every month but found the donations to be challenging after a few months. “With $25 a month, people find it to be an easier amount to give away and we already have about seven takers so far,” Reid told The Suburban.

On Rock will be distributing 185 Christmas baskets this year, up from last year as there was a recent influx of “about 15 to 20 new families that needed help and we couldn’t leave them off the list. We took them on three weeks ago and are hoping to be able to help 195 families next year for our weekly food baskets,” Reid said.

On Rock donated a million dollars worth of food to area families in need last year “which works out to $16,000-$22,000 in food every week. There are increases because even working families are finding it tougher to fill up the grocery cart this year.”

One area where On Rock is not lacking is in its volunteers. Reid credits the way volunteers are integrated into the agency. “I tell the volunteers that “you own this too’ and we value their input. On Rock is a community and we like to make things fun,” said Reid.

On Rock’s Christmas Basket distribution will be taking place on Saturday, Dec. 21, starting at 9 a.m. and cash donations are always welcome.

On Rock Ministries is located at 9554 Gouin West in Pierrefonds-Roxboro and can be reached at [514] 696-1905 or online at onrock@onrock.org.

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