High-profile extortion hearing set for September

High-profile extortion hearing set for September 

By Robert Frank

The public will have to wait until at least Sept. 24, in order to learn more about former Laval mayor Alexandre Duplessis’ claim that two sex trade workers tried to extort him.

Lawyers for Mirabel residents Julie Cadieux, 32, and Nathalie Paquin, 44, appeared in St. Jérome court, Aug. 14, to receive the Crown’s evidence for the assortment of extortion, breaking and entering, conspiracy and drug trafficking charges that the pair face.

A bizarre twist of events ensued after a Montreal news outlet reported in late June that Duplessis had complained to police about the alleged offence against him, prompting a firestorm of salacious news reports that ramped up speculation about alleged sexual hanky-panky.

On the morning of June 28, Duplessis convened a media briefing to address the accusations, during which he categorically denied any sexual adventures with the women.

“I never, never, never received sexual services,” he stated, echoing Bill Clinton’s infamous remarks about Monica Lewinsky.

Duplessis vowed to remain in office as mayor, only to reverse his position abruptly and resign mere hours later.

In the wake of his resignation, the remaining city councillors elected Fabreville’s Martine Beaugrand to serve as interim mayor of Quebec’s third-largest city until the upcoming Nov. 3 municipal election.On July 8, Duplessis—who had applied to form a political party—quietly asked Elections Quebec to pull the plug on his bid for re-election. Two days later, province’s electoral authority complied with his request and officially removed the pending application.On July 26, the criminal charges were laid against Cadieux and Paquin.

The evidence has yet to be made public, and neither woman has entered a plea in the case.


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