Sanofi breaks ground on new Laval headquarters

St. Laurent employees to relocate

By Robert Frank

Construction of Sanofi’s Canadian
headquarters has commenced in Laval’s
biotech city.

The French health care manufacturer,
known for its diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular treatments, plans to consolidate about 350 of its Montreal-area staff
in a single new location.

“This move will ensure that Sanofi’s
senior Canadian leadership, decisionmakers, life sciences professionals and
marketing experts remain right here in
Laval,” asserted Sanofi president and
chief executive officer John Fairest.

The move will affect some 40 employees in St. Laurent who produce the company’s cosmeceutical product lines.

Sanofi, has for the past 42 years operated under various names, in older facilities in Laval’s industrial park.

“Our employees are excited about the
new premises,” enthused spokeswoman
Joanne Kennedy. “they will be in proximity to a park, have better bus service, be
able to walk across a bridge to take the
Laval Metro, and have a range of nearby
restaurants to choose from.”

She added that Sanofi will also reap
business benefits from its new location.

“Being in Laval’s biotech city you have access to other minds that are thinking
the same way, be it in research or in
understanding the market,” she explained. “We will be able to participate
in joint activities, swap and innovate.”

“There are some really amazing people
in the biotech city,” she added.

(Left to right) Joel Orton, Robert Quesnel, Alain Fortier, Jon Fairest, Franca Mancino and Pat Papillo break ground on Sanofi’s new Canadian headquarters in Laval’s biotech city.

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