Dr. Kachra is not leaving Montreal

In our coverage last week of the problems facing the Chateau Dollard and Chateau Royal seniors residences, we included a sidebar regarding Dr. Beheram Kachra. The sidebar reported that Dr. Kachra had made arrangements to leave Canada to take up residence in Dubai. We have learned that this information is inaccurate. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Dr. Kachra, his family, colleagues and patients for any misunderstandings and distress that may have occurred as a result of that sidebar. Those who depend on his care can continue to do so. While serving as a cardiologist at the Lakeshore General Hospital for many years, Dr. Kachra has also carried on a private practice in the West Island. After leaving the LGH in May, 2008, Dr. Kachra maintained his private practice and, in fact, continues this practice as of the present date at 175 Stillview, Suite 110 in Pointe Claire, Quebec. 

Note: Item CA-2008-087 of the minutes of the regular meeting of the board of directors of the West Island Health and Social Services Centre held on Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at the Lakeshore General Hospital, states (emphasis theirs):  “It is PROPOSED by Dr. Jean-Pierre Mayer, DULY SECONDED by Ms. Françoise Perreault and UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the West Island HSSC will accept the resignation of Dr. Beheram Kachra as Active Member of the CPDP in the Department of Medicine (Cardiology), as of July 6, 2008.”

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