Two children rescued from Laval fire

By Michelle Pucci

Laval firefighters were able to save two boys of 2 and 4 years old from a fire last Wednesday morning in Pont Viau.

Firefighters received a call from the mother, who had managed to climb out of the window of their fourplex apartment on Normont Street at 2:30 a.m.
“She had difficulty breathing, and she mentioned that her children were inside in their rooms,” said Battalion Chief Patrick Ferland.
Firefighters from Pont Viau and Vimont fire stations arrived minutes later and entered from behind the building. Firefighters Alexandre Roy and Tommy Traversy found the boys.
“But it’s really team work,” Ferland said. “We were seven inside the building.”
One boy was lying on the ground beside the flames. The severity of his burns is unknown. 
The second boy was found in a bedroom, also on the floor.
“He probably tried to escape and passed out from the flames,” said Ferland.
The children were sent to Sainte Justine hospital.
The two parents, the father’s sister and one of the boys’ twin sister managed to escape.
The fire was quickly put out and did not affect neighbouring apartments.
According to Ferland., the fire was probably cause by a heater near cloth on the floor. He pointed out that there was also no fire alarm.
“If the fire alarm had been working, I wouldn’t be talking to you today.”
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