Kirkland’s Mini-Olympics set for 28th edition

By Kevin Woodhouse

The city of Kirkland needed 32 volunteer coaches aged 15 and up to ensure that the municipality’s long running kick off to summer event for the kids, the 28th edition of Mini-Olympics, could take place. 45 signed up, a testament to the success of the weekend event that gets Kirkland children playing and working together for problem solving and activities outside.

Dart throwing, soccer, scavenger hunt and a crazy obstacle course are just some of the activities awaiting the participants in the June 27th through 29th event.

“Many kids who have done the event in the past call it the ‘weekend of the summer,'” Mike Klaiman, Director of Recreation for the city. “We do it rain or shine and because it takes place just before our camp season starts, many of the kids who take part make new friends.”

And while there is a medal ceremony and each team represents a country, the roughly 150 Mini-Olympians really focus “on teamwork and cooperation because some participants are better in certain areas than others and by working together, they can achieve a common goal while being outside and meeting new people,” said Klaiman.

Kids interested in taking part need to be born after Jan. 1, 2000 and before Dec. 31, 2006. There is a fee to take part but lunch and drinks are provided.

Registration is required and can be done by calling [514] 694-4100 extension 2719.

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