Beaconsfield infrastructure plan

By Jim Morrison

Beaconsfield city hall, welcomed a sparse crowd, Wednesday April 9, as Patrice Boileau, town manager, and Andre Gervais of the city works department, offered insight, in a power point production, of the 2014 infrastructure work.

It was determined, through a four year plan, with a budget of $100,000, the reconstruction of the water main, as well as the sanitary, and storm sewers, on Bisley Street, from Epping to Kipling. The work planned includes replacing water and sewer lines, rebuilding road beds, and repaving roads. Infrastructure upgrades will be performed on Bisley, from Epping, to Kipling, Jasper from Lakeshore, to 24 Jasper, Fairlawn, from Willowbrook, to 86 Fairlawn, and Beaconsfield from Hyde Park.

The effort is a six week project which will begin in mid-May, and completed by the end of June. Labor of this nature implies a certain amount of inconvenience, such as the presence of pipes in front, and back yards, traffic disruptions, garbage and recycling, Canada Post delivery, outdoor play apparatus, and landscaping.

The water main will shut off, and temporary pipes installed, providing potable water, as equipment is delivered. A technician will visit homeowners to provide certain directives.

Eight foot holes are dug to reach the depth of sewers. The contractors can dig 40-50 meters a day which is equivalent to two homes. Tests are done immediately to assure safety of pipes.

“There is a break in pipes, every two kilometers, and it costs $3000/metre.” saidBoileau, addressing the audience.

The holes are filled as the work progresses, and safety fences are set up at the end of the working day.

The contractors will lay a coat of asphalt to finish the work on affected areas. A second coat of blacktop will be done in the spring of 2015 to complete project.

The work will be from Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m., and Friday from 7am-2pm. A site supervisor will advise citizens on progress of work.

The first coat of asphalt is done, and a second coat will complete the work in 2015.

Further information on the infrastructure project can be viewed at or contact Ms. Carole Poirier, site supervisor, at [514] 428-4500.

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