Archives départementales du Jura

By Jacques Gagné

Primary cities;
Lons-le-Saulnier, Dole, Saint-Claude, Pontarlier

digitized parish registers are dated from 1529 in the commune of Salins
Recherche en ligne
– Online searches
paroissiaux et d’état civil
– Parish and Civil Registers
Les registres
paroissiaux et d’état civil des communes du Jura ne sont pas encore numérisés,
ni mis en ligne, a l’exception des registres paroissiaux d’Arbois

(1567-1792), Poligny (1617-1792) et Salins
(1529-1792) – The Parish and Civil Registers as of August of 2013
which were digitized and placed online are few in numbers. Only the ones from
Arbois (1567-1792), Poligny (1617-1792) and Salins (1529-1792) can be found
online within said search engine.

Plans napoléoniens
1807-18406,632  plans – Land
Ownerships from 1807 to 1840 including 6,632 plans (maps)
Le site des
Les mormons ont microfilmé plusieurs type de documents;
des registres d’état civil incluant des registres paroissiaux, des registres
– The Mormon Site The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints
has microfilmed numerous fonds in various
départements of France
including those in Jura.
Among these microfilmed registers one can find the Civil and Parish
, Notarial Acts.
In order to determine
precisely what is available online in Salt Lake City, Utah
in the form of microfilms touching upon the Civil and
Parish Registers of the Jura, simply enter – Then
click on Library, then click on Family History Library
.  Once you have reached this stage, click on Place
At this point, a search
page will appear with two options – Enter then the name of the
, town, township, village
within said search option and click on search – Click then on the various
search results posted such as variances of spelling of a village, town,
township, city
and select the one of your choice.
Once at this stage a page
will indicate the fonds availability in the form of microfilms
for the city or town or township or village you have selected – The
search results posted could be acts of Civil Registers or Parish
or Notarial Acts
Within these pages, you
will also find an additional option entitled View Related
This option offers a descriptive of the ”commune” of
your choice as to the name or names it was referred to in ancient times
Your next step is to
select the type of documents you wish to order
See also another option
entitled View Film Notes. For additional guiding options, simply
visit the QFHS Web Site in regard to the ordering procedures.
For additional ”tips” on
the various options dealing with the microfilms kept in Salt Lake City
associated with the Parish Registers and Civil Registers of France, see:

Additionally at,
it does appear that the experts dealing with microfims from France in regard to
Parish Registers, Civil Registers and Notarial Acts are; Dave Schmutz,
Joelle Spice
, Volker Wilmsen –  The last time I have
verified Family History Library Catalog in Salt Lake City,
Utah, the availability of microfilms dealing with Parish
Registers in France
stood at
Catholic Parish
Registers of France
– With 12,874 matching titles dealing
with acts of baptisms, marriages, deaths from 1481 to

• The oldest Parish
Register dealing with the Jura are those of the Registres paroissiaux de
(1481-1875) – (Please note; the town of
Porrentruy in the 15th and 16th centuries was part of nearby Switzerland, it is
now in France within Jura)

Protestant Church
Registers of France
– With 889 matching titles dealing
with acts of baptisms, marriages, deaths from 1559-1792

• Liste des communes du Jura
544 communes
Listing of ”communes” (villages, towns, townships,
cities) of the Jura
 – 544 communes
Liste des anciennes communes du Jura 543
Listing of ancient communes
of the Jura – 543 communes

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