Pointe Claire water plant slated for upgrade

By Robert Frank

The West Island will benefit from an upcoming $2.853 million investment by the Montreal Urban Agglomeration.

According to Kirkland mayor John Meaney, “the money will be spent to purchase valves from Filtram for the Pointe Claire water treatment plant.”The facility supplies water to several West Island municipalities.

Pointe Claire mayor Bill McMurchie underscored that the establishment no longer belongs to his city.

“The plant was bought and paid for by the citizens of Pointe Claire,” Mayor McMurchie continued. “By legislation it became the property of the urban agglomeration.”

Mayor McMurchie explained that the water treatment plant remains staffed by experienced Pointe Claire employees.

“We’re the managers,” he told The Suburban. “We’re compensated for their work.”

“Their salaries are included in the real cost of water,” he explained. “Municipalities compensate Pointe Claire according to the amount of water that we provide.”

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